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Flowers which align with your Sun Sign are meant to assist you. Their meanings and attributes may actually challenge you, so don’t be surprised to perhaps see ones mentioned which don’t really please you. While you can use Zodiac Flowers yourself, by finding your matching flowers, they are also the perfect flowers for gift giving for those born under each sign, either in a fresh bouquet, plant, decorative or cosmetic form. There are many flowers with strong association with each zodiac sign, but here are a couple for each with their meanings and ways they will support you.

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  • Sagittarius

    • $89.95

    Sagittarius - 22nd November - 21st December
    Imperial Topaz

    Ceramic arrangement with organza bow. Filled with soft pink tones of quality fresh flowers. Oriental Lillies, Roses, Carnations, Spray Carnations, Million Stars and seasonal fill. Just gorgeous. Suits most occasions.Included is a small Imperial Topaz crystal tied and wrapped on a laminated description of Sagittarius.

    Loveable and fun are descriptions most often attributed to our favourite archers and carnations their uncomplicated, pretty and fun birth flowers. So versatile carnations come in a number of colours, although pink seem to be favoured most of all by Sagittarians, and they look fabulous on their own or mixed into a larger arrangement



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