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  • Rhapis Palm

    • $68.90

    Rhapis Palm large in decorated gift wrap. Common Name: Lady Palm   Botanic Name: Rhapis excelsa

    • Rhapis Palms are great as indoor plants and like most good indoor plants they come from a sub-tropical to tropical rainforest in south-east China where there isn't much natural light. 

    • Rhapis palms suitable for indoor living. e

    • Easy to grow

    • Slow growing (so does not need repotting regularly)
    • If grown indoors will benefit from occasionally being put outside in the rain, providing the conditions are mild and they're kept out of direct sunlight
    • They are most successful in semi-shaded parts of the garden and indoors. The Lady Palm is slow growing and so can remain in the same pot for many years.


    Rhapis Palm

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