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  • Polyanthus Garden

    • $45.50

    Polyanthus plants are very colourful. Fantastic winter color. For those who love gardening. We supply three punnets. Seasonal plants. Please check with us before ordering.

    Polyanthus blooms come as ready-made posies in pink, red, blue, yellow, cream and white, mostly with contrasting bright yellow eyes. Some have a bunch of flowers emerging at the top of a sturdy stem, while others have evenly-spaced blooms sitting just above the leaves. Both forms look good – it’s simply a matter of choosing which you prefer.

    There’s nothing better for giving a cheery winter welcome than a colourful pot of polyanthus near the front door. Use a potting mix that holds extra water (Yates Thrive Patio & Tub mix is perfect) or stir some Rainsaver water crystals in at planting time. Sprinkle Garden Gold fertiliser on to the top of the mix. Pinching off dead blooms will keep the plants flowering for weeks. And they don’t have to be grown outdoors: potted polyanthus are often used for short term indoor colour.


    Polyanthus Garden

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