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  • Cymbidium Orchid

    • $70.00

    Seasonal - Cymbidium Orchid - available in many colours. Please phone before ordering this orchid to ensure of availability.  

    • Cymbidium Orchids are easy to grow, basic instructions:
      • Use a specialist Orchid potting mix (free draining)
      • Plant the bulb with 1/2 above the surface
      • Filtered light is best
      • Water regulary
      • Divide cymbidium orchids when over crowded
      • Fertilise in mid winter to spring
      • Avoid frost
      • cymbidium orchids require some protection from extreeme heat and an overnight drop in temperature to help produce flower spikes. One technique used is to water early cymbidiums in the morning, this helps produce the drop in soil temperature required to promote flowering.
    • Cymbidium Orchids prefer bright but indirect light, if the foliage is dark green, chances are your cymbidiums do not have enough light. A healthy cymbidium will have light green foliage with just a touch of yellowing. Try a sheltered position in a shade house, or under the eaves of your house.


    Cymbidium Orchid