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  • Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant

    • $65.95

    Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant with elegant blooms. An example pictured in a boat shaped dish.

    Commonly known as moth orchids are long lasting. Provided night-time temperatures are allowed to drop far enough from daytime highs. Simple misting with clean water several times a week during the summer or standing the plant pot on a large plate of wet pebbles will provide adequate humidity. The best time to spray the plants is mid morning as this will allow the water to evaporate before nightime.

    Phalaenopsis can be used in all-manner of designs from wedding table features through to large corporate arrangements, and even Christmas decorations!. Often referred to as the 'diamonds of the floristry trade'. Gift wrapped.

    Optional - Limes (please ask when purchasing in the Notes of your order to ADD a couple of limes.)

    IF we are unable to supply two small orchid plants we will substitute with one orchid plant (so may vary from picture)

    Seasonal plant may be substituted if unavailable.


    Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant